Eat, drink and sketch!

Lots of my sketches on my travels end up being done in restaurants, cafes and tea rooms. One day I may do a book.........

On this page you can find links to all my blog posts which are about:
  • places where you can eat and/or drink e.g. coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, wine bars etc
  • AND the sketch was done while having a cup of tea or a drink and/or eating a meal 

This page started out life in 2007 as an Index Post on this blog.  (First posted as Interior landscapes with food - a Sketchbook) The aim was to try and find and provide a structure for my all my sketching on my travels.

What you can find on this page

I've organised this page geographically in case anybody else fancies having a go at sketching the same view in the same place!

Below you can find sketches of interiors involving eating and drinking at various locations across London, the north and south of England, Paris, northern France, Provence, Venice, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

This index page lists:
An Orangery Afternoon Tea, Kew Gardens
  • all the sketches by title and location - usually in date order.  
    • some are just a plate of food - some are a complete four course meal!
    • some sketches are views of the interior landscape and the other people who are eating or drinking
    • a few relate to places where the eating and drinking can take place on a terrace outside e.g. Kew Gardens. 
  • links to the location's website in the title of the place
PLUS - my tips for people wanting to sketch in restaurants and other eateries.  
See 10 "Dos and Don'ts" for how to draw people while eating

London (from west to east)

Kew Gardens


Rex Whistler Restaurant, Tate Britain, London border=
Rex Whistler Restaurant, Tate Britain, London
Tate Britain

Piccadilly - Royal Academy of Arts

Piccadilly - Fortnum and Masons

Mall Galleries

Wallace Collection
National Gallery
The National Cafe, 
National Gallery, London

National Portrait Gallery: Portrait Restaurant and Portrait Cafe

Tate Modern

"Fish! Restaurant, Borough Market
Bankside, London 


City of London - Smithfield

East London
Northern England
    The Ferry Inn, Cookham
    Berkshire, England 

Southern England

    Auberge du Terroir, Servon, Normandy 


Champagne-Ardenne Région 
Trattoria alla Madonna



San Clemente, California 

USA - California

San Clemente:"The big cheese on the pond" - eating and drinking in San Clemente, California
Pacific Grove:Driving Highway 1 - the Pacific Coast Highway
Carmel-by-the-Sea: Carmel by the Sea and a marine inversion
San Luis Obispo: The best breakfast of the trip - at the Big Sky Cafe!
Malibu: The end of my drive down Highway 1 and the start of "concrete freewayville"

USA - Arizona

USA Massachusetts

Burdicks, Walpole,
New Hampshire, USA

USA - New Hampshire

USA - Vermont

USA - Maine

"In Good Company"
Rockland, Maine

More travel sketches 

You can see more of my travels with a sketchbook on my website or by clicking the links to the summaries of blog posts for different areas in the right hand column. These are the links to my travels with a sketchbook in 
This post will be updated as new sketches are added to this blog.

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